Pendant Necklace

Simple elegance is often defined in a diamond pendant necklace. This clean piece of jewelry is a classic among ladies across the globe and across time. No matter the occasion a diamond pendant necklace will be sure to be the envy of every woman in the room. Any lady who has one of these delightful items should consider taking proper care of the jewel.

The expensive addition to a jewelry collection usually takes a considerable investment. It is wise to invest time and energy to taking care of the pendant necklace to assure that it will remain in new condition through years and decades to come. The diamond pendant necklace should last a lifetime and beyond.

Many of us take for granted that the diamond is the hardest substance on earth and we tend to treat our diamond with little regard to their more delicate attributes. The pendant necklace requires attention and care even though it is comprised of a tough material.

Your pendant necklace should be cleaned on a regular basis. The diamond sets close to your skin and the oils from your skin can have an adverse effect on the diamond's appearance. Soap is a natural enemy of oil and should be used during the regular cleanings. It is important to use a mild soap.

The best way to approach cleaning your diamond pendant necklace is by soaking it in a mixture of mild soap and water. Some swear by another mixture of equal parts ammonia and cold water. The gem should soak for about thirty minutes in this second alternative solution. Many of us prefer using a professional grade cleaner from our jeweler.

Your jeweler can provide a special brush to use to loosen dirt and particles that can adhere to the gem. However, the tough gem can still be scratched with a brush so clean it with care. It is important to keep the pendant necklace away from the sink when cleaning. Keeping the solution and a rinse in bowls away from the sink is good practice in general.

Another good practice is having your settings checked every so often.
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Many women tend to do this with their rings, but the same applies for a pendant necklace as well. Any reputable jeweler is happy to check the settings and he probably will recommend this when the item is purchased.

My favorite pendant necklace actually did not begin life as pendant jewelery at all, but as something that was quite different. IT is actually made up of a piece of pewter, a decorative figure that I used to have on my mantle piece. It depicts a wizard, but not your normal wizard from a pewter collection. This pendant necklace doesn't have a long beard, a straight cap, and long flowing robes at all, nor does it have a red stone inset in the staff that the wizard carries. Instead, it is a much more whimsical pendant necklace.

The only way that you can tell that he is a wizard at all is that he holds a staff inscribed with imaginary runes. At the end of my pendant necklace hangs a quite extraordinary character, with a big floppy hat with a puff ball at the end, chubby cheeks, and a friendly smile. There is something about him that makes him look almost like someone you know, and people are always asking me about him. That is what I like most of all, a pendant necklace that draws attention to you, not for appearing to be ostentatious, or glamorous, but because it is unusual and interesting.

Once your settings are checked and your pendant necklace is sparkling it is time to show off your fine piece of jewelry. After all your care will be shining right through the diamond.

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